Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day 130: Singapore - Day 1

Touched down.


Something happened to my luggage,
where I'm gonna save my time by not
explaining the entire scenario, and just
copy+paste the complain email I wrote
to the bus company:

To whom it may concern.

Upon arriving at border immigration of Singapore, one of your staff members broke
one of the handles of my luggage when he attempted to remove it from
the bus.

Then upon boarding the bus after the immigration, another member of
staff broke another handle when he attempted to put my luggage back
into the bus.

Now my luggage has no handles at all and it is very difficult for me to move it.

Your staff did not apologize and simply gave me a reason stating that my
luggage was too heavy.

My luggage is of high quality and is branded, built for
heavy duty. The only reason I can think of how both staff members could break
both handles is because they did not check the weight of the luggage and
simply just pulled it roughly out of the luggage compartment.

The first break was reasonable and forgivable, but I would assume
for the second time that the staff would have already known that it
was heavy and should have been more attentive upon handling my

I only feel that it is reasonable for Aeroline to compensate the
damages to my luggage by replacing an equivalent of the luggage I

This is my first time taking Aeroline buses upon good recommendation
from a friend and was satisfied with the overall services until
the luggage incident.

With this, I hope to receive a satisfactory reply from Aeroline and
looking forward to continue recommendation of your company's services in the

Please do reply with an email where I can forward evidence photos of
the damages to my luggage.


So yeah. First day. I always say "First days are the hardest."

Tomorrow is Day 1 of the Singapore Toys and Comics Convention.
Got a booth sharing with some local comic giants to sell my
comic books.


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